Plano, TX Unarmed Security Guards

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Unarmed Security Guards in Plano, TX

Our unarmed security guard services in Plano, Texas are trained to ensure the presence of peace while guaranteeing a protective environment for our customers. For any situation that may arise, from providing protection for your retail store, office building, construction site or special event, our unarmed security officer services can handle many things. The unarmed security forces are trained in ways of solving conflicts between people as well as learning about securing techniques, access control procedures, and disaster response guidelines, hence, capable of addressing all possible situations involving safety matters.

Why Select Our Unarmed Security Service

Unarmed security should respond to emergencies quickly with a high level of efficiency that can minimize possible risks and secure the lives of all people around. The benefit of assurance among business owners and event organizers give full attention to their core operations, while leaving out an important part like safety in the hands of the security personnel. Being one of the most trusted security companies in Plano, TX, we set ourselves apart through our experience level, skill, and reputation. In our team there are former law enforcement officers and military people who use their knowledge in every security assignment. We have vast experience with diverse security needs for businesses and individuals located within Plano. Our conviction is that security should be customized to fit each client’s particular requirements.

Unarmed Security Guards in Plano, Texas

Our Unarmed security guards in Plano provide regular patrols, monitor video surveillance systems, and keep vigilant eyes on the premises proactively identifying and solving any concerns about safety. Their presence can be used as a threat for potential attackers.

Our unarmed security officers are taught on how to apply access control rules which involve verifying identifications, hence, unauthorized individuals cannot be allowed into restricted areas. They create and keep incident reports that capture all acts of security concern or any suspicious activities.

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It is not only security training that our unarmed guards receive but also customer service skills. They are capable of handling tough situations, solving conflicts, and behaving kindly and professionally at all times. Their presence can help in creating a welcoming environment for both your employees and customers.

We have trained our Plano unarmed security officers on how to act promptly and effectively during an emergency condition. This includes evacuation procedures, first aid administration techniques, including CPR, among others. Their quick response can go a long way in reducing hazards on site thereby making everyone safe.

Our unarmed guards ensure to build a good relationship with their clients. They are able to form trust which allows them to receive vital information about any impending breach of security.

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Community Involvement and Compliance to Standards

Our Plano, TX private security company actively takes part in community projects and social responsibility initiatives, like seminars, which makes our neighborhoods safer for everyone. We are also continually reviewing the latest developments in terms of best practices for securing properties so that we can train our guards to be up-to-date with current industry requirements.


The presence of unarmed security personnel and their readiness is a prevention to would-be criminals. These officers are taught how to oversee various places in order to detect suspicious behaviors and respond accordingly to any threat and decrease the risk of such incidents as attacks, robbery or any other categories of crimes.

Our unarmed security officers receive training in conflict resolution skills and dealing with difficult situations like conflict de-escalation, maintaining a composed appearance, and resolving arguments professionally without confrontations. Their aptitude in effective communication, coupled with their proficiency in conflict resolution, equips them with the ability to handle complex issues which are oriented towards ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being.

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