Plano, TX Patrol Security Services

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Patrol Security Services in Plano

Our mobile patrol security services in Plano, Texas provide comprehensive and professional solutions intended to meet your unique security needs. If you are a business owner or property manager in Plano, perhaps you know why it is important to have a safe and secure environment for your employees, customers, and assets. This is where mobile patrols come in handy.

We have uniformed trained guards to monitor your premises using marked patrol vehicles and making routine checks on the premises’ safety. Our mobile patrol service may be made through programmed patrols or those that are randomly done based on what the client wants at a given time.  Patrol guards on duty can discourage potential criminals by their presence and offer peace of mind to both employees and customers.

Our security company in Plano has a patrol team that consists of experienced security personnel. Some are off-duty policemen and ex-army personnel with vast experience in dealing with various safety challenges. They are highly endowed with modern gadgets like global positioning systems (GPS) for tracking and communication devices such as walkie-talkies. Our mobile patrol guards make sure that your premises are safe and sound with the use of advanced innovations in security tools and tactics.

Advantages of Hiring A Mobile Patrol Security Service

Crime Prevention

The mere presence of mobile patrol officers in marked vehicles discourages potential criminals. Visibility of our security guards as they patrol your establishment indicates that you treat security matters seriously, reducing the chances of criminals targeting your property.

Prompt Action Leads to Peace of Mind

Our mobile patrol service in Plano is trained to act fast and effectively during emergencies or any other breach of security. They can evaluate the situation and if need be,  can get in touch with relevant authorities and promptly contain any probable hazards or threats.  When the mobile patrol guards are on their routes on premises, it will give you, your employees, and your customers peace of mind.

Cost Effective Approach

Hiring permanent security staff is expensive, especially for small businesses. Our mobile patrol services in Plano, Texas provide a more cost-effective option because you only pay for required security cover. Additionally, we can cover multiple sites thereby maximizing your investment in security.

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Approach and Process in Patrol Services

  • The first meeting is to gain insight into property size and security requirements. Inspection will be done to reveal weak areas within the premises.
  • The facility can be visited at odd hours or specified times by mobile patrol officers.
  • Patrols include detailed checks for any alarming signs and ensuring that every entrance is tightly locked.
  • After every patrol, our mobile security guards in Plano file reports on each day’s activity to notice unusual behavior and breaches of safety.
  • An open line of communication will be maintained to address any concerns and modify the patrol schedule as necessary
  • Our mobile patrol services in Plano are made to meet the local, state, and federal laws to make sure that your security measures are within the acceptable limits of the law.

Client Success Stories

Through the years, our mobile patrol security services in Plano, Texas have benefited various clients.

  • One business owner reported a significant reduction in cases of vandalism and theft after he introduced our  patrol guard service in their area. The regular patrols together with having visible guards deterred any potential criminals.
  • A residential complex in Plano had a string of burglaries and violations of safety protocols. This has changed after our security patrols were deployed. The number of incidents decreased enormously and the feeling of safety among residents was restored by having active security guards on duty.
  • Our mobile patrol officers also arrested an intruder who was trying to enter a special event venue without authorization during a function held in Plano. Their quick action and professional conduct made sure that no potential security risks were posed to the people who attended the event.
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