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Unarmed Security Guards in Plano, TX

Our unarmed security guards in Plano are trained to watch access points, discourage any potential threats, and respond efficiently in emergency situations. We are one of the few security companies in Plano providing extensively trained unarmed security officers who can deal with various circumstances for property protection and personnel safety. Additionally, we are great at enforcing access control policies by which only authorized persons enter specific premises. 

So, if you need a one off event secured or an ongoing protection for your business, our Plano, Texas unarmed security guards will collaborate with you and develop a comprehensive plan of securing you at affordable rates.

Event Private Security

Our company offers event security in Plano across all types of events from large-scale concerts to intimate corporate gatherings, where the welfare of people attending needs to be ensured. Among the event security services we offer, are crowd management, access control, and emergency response planning. Our event security officers are trained for various situations such as rowdy behavior and possible security breaches, to ensure that any unforeseen happening is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

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Executive & VIP Protection

For high-profile individuals, corporate executives, and VIPs, personal security is a top priority. This includes executive protection services from our company’s experts in the field as well as VIP protection services which ensure the safety and privacy of the client. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who have experience in providing personal safety measures for clients. We can guarantee that personalized protective cover arrangements are suited to individual customer needs and preferences.

Plano, TX Armed Security Guards

Plano, TX is a bustling city with a wide range of businesses, events, and properties that require top-notch private security guards. At Safeguard Solutions, we provide comprehensive armed security guard services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in Plano and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained and experienced security officers are equipped to handle various situations, from protecting residential communities and commercial properties to ensuring the safety of guests at special events.

Whether you need armed security for a construction site, retail store, or corporate office, our professional team is committed to delivering the highest level of protection and peace of mind.

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Building Security Services

The building security of our company include access control, surveillance systems as well as onsite manned guarding be it on a commercial building, residential complex or retail establishment. We have professional experts that take it upon themselves to do whatever it takes to maintain an atmosphere that secures both the structure itself and those who inhabit it at any given time.

Workplace Security Services

Maintaining workplace security is important for the welfare of your employees and protecting your assets. Our company provides workplace community securities solutions including access control, surveillance, and manned guard services. We ensure that best practice is followed so that a welcoming environment is created where employees can work safely and securely.

We provide well-trained personnel to detect and address potential threats before they escalate into actual dangers through vigilance and preemptive measures.

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Plano, Texas Mobile Patrol Services

Safeguard Solutions offers mobile patrol security services whereby they have security guards who regularly patrol in marked vehicles over your property to check on its safety. This visible presence can be intimidating for potential thieves giving you additional peace of mind. We can also develop a plan that suits your needs whether you only need patrols during specific times, for special events, or even on a regular basis.

Plano Bodyguards

Our Plano security companies provide professional bodyguard services to individuals who might be under potential threats. The bodyguards we have on staff are highly trained, secretive, and can ensure the well-being and security of their clients and guarantee their peace anywhere they are. Moreover, a bodyguard may act as a discouragement to any potential threat from harming you or your loved ones. We have Plano, TX Bodyguards who can react swiftly in case of an unforeseen event, thus, resolving it efficiently and on time.

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Fire Watch Services

Fire safety is an integral part of any security plan. Hence, our Plano security company offers fire watch services to make sure your property meets fire codes and avoid fire hazards. We train our own fire watch guards to perform regular inspections on the designated areas and keep complete logs that ensures that your property is safe.

Security Companies in Plano

Plano security services was created to meet the demands of a variety of customers in the Plano, Texas area. We guarantee that we can provide you with a range of services for residential, commercial, and event security needs on a better scale compared to other security companies due to our professional orientation, dependability, and focus on customer satisfaction.

Using advanced technology and equipment makes our security more effective and improves our proactive approach to threat detection and prevention. In addition, as a trusted partner within the community, we actively engage with local stakeholders to promote safety and security while strictly adhering to relevant laws, regulations and industry standards.

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Why Choose Our Plano, TX Security Company

Reliable Private Security Professionals

Our Plano,TX private security company prioritizes hiring individuals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, or security-related fields, ensuring a high level of professionalism, discipline, and situational awareness among our team members which is usually taken through rigid training and certification programs to enable them to effectively handle different security challenges.

Advanced Technology and Equipment

We use the most up-to-date technology and cutting-edge equipment to ensure that our security is strong and that the interests of our clients are secure. Our investment in advanced technology and equipment demonstrates our dedication to providing excellent security solutions that meet client’s unique requirements.

Private Security Service Quality

Our Plano security guards place a premium effort on the safety and well-being of our customers and their assets by being alert at all times and taking action instantly if any security problem arises. They are taught to be committed in giving out the best security services ever surpassing our customers’ expectations.


We are committed to maintaining very strict industry standards and observing all the necessary laws governing safety and security of participants and attendees. Safeguard Solutions strictly follow Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Private Security Bureau regulations which control licensing, training and operation procedures, for security guards in Plano, TX and within the state.

Private Security Client Testimonials

Our dedication to client satisfaction can be seen through stories and testimonials from happy clients who have experienced the excellent service our Plano based private security firm offers. Customers also recognize that we pay attention to details, can be relied upon at all times, and customize our services to match their requirements. By always surpassing expectations in terms of providing state of the art safety measures, we have won over clients making them endorse us, thus securing our position among the most trusted security companies in Plano, TX.

“Friendly, professional and highly equipped with modern equipment. I recommend their private security services to everyone and will continue working with them. ”
Jenny C. (Apartment Security)
“They are one of the best security companies in Plano, TX. I had a pleasurable experience with their security guards. They came well-prepared and quick.”
Adam W. (Construction Site)
“Safeguard Solutions is my go-to private security company in Plano.”
Jake H. (Business Security)

Private Security Plano, TX Can Trust

We ensure that we are using top of the line equipment for protection of our clients

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